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Stephanie & Marc…Wedding at Powel Crosley Estate, Sarasota, Florida Wedding Photographer

From the moment I spoke with Stephanie I knew that photographing this wedding was going to be awesome.  I didn’t have to hear all of the details or the particulars I just knew that with a bride like Stephanie this wedding could be nothing short of spectacular.  And once we met the two of them together our excitement grew even more.  And as it happens…the wedding was as awesome as we thought it would be.  The simplicity and elegance of every detail and the unaffected joy of everyone present, especially the bride & groom, was such a pleasure to document.  The Powel Crosley Estate is truly a wedding backdrop that never fails and with Stephanie & Marc’s wedding the estate’s setting was a perfect match to their classic style and timeless connection.  We extend another huge thank you to another beautiful couple for allowing us to be a part of your special day…many years of love and happiness to Stephanie & Marc.


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Thank you to…

Wedding Venue, Powel Crosley Estate / Wedding Hair & Make-Up, KyleLynn Weddings / Caterer, Milan Catering / Wedding Coordinator, Christine of Milan Catering / Flowers, Yelena Riches of Elegant Designs / Band, Matt Winter Band / Cake, Cakes by Ron / Transportation, Siesta Trolley

Music Credit via ITunes…Jack Savoretti – Before the Storm, Take Me Home

Sara & Nick… Wedding at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Florida, Florida & NY Wedding Photographer

When you photograph two true artists and the love they have for one another there is something that happens that is so wonderful and a bit hard to explain.  Sara, a teacher at a children’s theater, and Nick working in film as a writer, director and producer, you can say that they are definitely meant for one another.  These two just ooze artistic spirit and it really showed through in every part of their wedding.  Every detail and moment was planned with understated elegance; letting Selby Gardens and their connection as a couple create the perfect atmosphere for their guests.  This wedding was such a pleasure to document and it gives me goose bumps every time I scroll through.  Sara & Nick truly could not wait to walk down that aisle and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two…here’s to the beginning of a long, beautiful story that is Sara & Nick.




Thank you to…

Wedding Venue, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens / Wedding Day Coordination and Catering, Nellie’s / Wedding Hair & Make-Up, Tammy Gamso in Association with Fresh Salon / Drapery & Lighting, Affairs in the Air / Wedding Flowers, Beneva / DJ, DeLair Entertainment / Wedding Cake, Cakes by Ron / Wedding Film, Lukovsky Films

Note *Wedding Photographed with a mix of digital and film photography – Film shot on Hasselblad 500cm – t-max 400 Kodax black and white film

Music Credit: Paul Otten, Bridges Burn, purchased itunes

Villetto Photography’s Top 10 Tips for a Flawless Florida Beach Wedding…

We know that you are still buzzing with excitement because you and your fiance’ just got engaged and you can’t wait to get started on planning your dream wedding on the beach.  For so many couples the idea of a perfect wedding is to have your toes in the sand with the sounds of light breezes and steel drums harmonizing in the background.  And trust us, there is something so classic about a Florida beach wedding…varied skyline, water views for miles, the tranquil atmosphere and of course, those incredible sunsets.  Especially if you are a couple who is currently planning your wedding while sitting by a fire because the temps outside are less than satisfactory – the warm temperatures of Sarasota, Bradenton and St. Pete or any beautiful Florida beach are probably calling your name.  Through the years we have probably photographed over 100 beach weddings and we have definitely kept some ideas in our heads about how to create a Flawless Florida Beach Wedding…at least from a photographers view point; because sometimes the ideas and dreams in our heads are always a bit different than the reality.  Below are just a few tips from us that we think will help make your Florida Beach Wedding all that you have dreamed of and more whether you are planning a destination wedding or a beach wedding in your home town.  Enjoy and congratulations on your engagement!


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0001


Tip 1:  Try to visit your location at the time of year that you will be getting married (or when you would like to get married)…

We feel that if it is possible, visiting the beach you will be married on at the time of year that you are planning your wedding can help you plan your overall atmosphere.  The range of temperature can be especially good to know for attire both for you and your wedding party and family members.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0002


Tip 2:  Think Light when it comes to the Dress…

Beach weddings are truly some of the most beautiful and it can be so amazing to shoot among the sunset glow while your dress flows in the breeze.  When planning your beach wedding we like to say, “think romance…light and flowing”.  And this is not just for the ladies.  For grooms you can opt for a lighter suit both in color and fabric.  The last thing that you want on your wedding day is to be thinking things like, “I am so hot and I wish I picked a lighter dress…”  Always keep in mind that beaches can also be breezy this can be an important element when thinking about a veil and hair & make-up as well.  Being comfortable will help you enjoy your day more and will definitely make your images more relaxed as well.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0003


Tip 3:  Choose the right wedding party…

Some may think we are crazy for giving this tip but we feel strongly that it is a good one.  When choosing your wedding party be sure to include those people that really make you smile and those that will lighten your day no matter what unfolds.  It should never be about who you have known the longest or who you feel you “should” pick…for that matter, you can opt to not have any wedding party if that suits you best.  Your wedding is just that, YOUR wedding, so surround  yourself with those people that lift you up and make any day better and brighter.  Trust us, you’ll laugh a  lot harder and smile a little bigger in many of your images.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0004


Tip 4:  Keep it simple…

Some of the best beach weddings we have photographed have been the most simple and elegant without too many over-the-top elements.  It is always good to really listen and trust your florist and wedding day designers.  They are the pros and they understand what types of arrangements and layouts will work best.  Give them your color ideas and overall feel you are going for and let them help you with the final concepts.  Sometimes less truly is more.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0005


Tip 5:  Create a timeline that allows time for photo’s…

When creating your times for the day keep in mind, lighting.  Whether you are doing a First-Look or not be sure to account for time for portrait images between the two of you.  If you are getting married on the beach during the winter months and you would rather not do a First-Look, try to set an earlier ceremony time so that you have plenty of time after the ceremony for photography.  If you are comfortable doing a First-Look it can be really nice for you as you can get a majority of your formal images done prior to your ceremony leaving more time for the two of you to enjoy  your cocktail hour and reception.  You never want you and your family and wedding party to feel as if they are being rushed.  If you allow enough time for photo’s your photographers can get the  most amazing images and keep on  schedule without having to rush anyone.  Coordinate directly with your photographer to help with this…


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0006


Tip 6:  Choose a photographer that fits your style and personality…

When searching for a photographer to document your day it’s always the best to start with those photographers whose work really speaks to you and your style.  Look at ALL of their work, be it website, blog or wedding publications and go with what really draws you in…can you see yourselves in their work?  But that is not where it ends.  Call them; sit with them, Skype or Face Time, whatever it takes to really be sure that your personalities work well together.  You spend so many hours with your photographer so be sure that you love their work as well as who they are as people.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0007


Tip 7:  Beach weddings don’t necessarily have to be ON the beach…

There are some beautiful beach resorts in Florida that have other locations just outside the beach to hold ceremonies and receptions.  Don’t be afraid to utilize those spaces if you have any reservations about being right in and on the sand.  Often they are set right by the beach so you still have your water views and beach breezes.  Your wedding can feel just as relaxed and “beachy” even without the sand in your toes.  But it’s nice to still have the beach as your backdrop for beautiful portraits.




Tip 8:  Think carefully about the reality of ever-changing WEATHER…

When planning a beach wedding you always want to think positively and in your mind you want to WILL great weather with plenty of sunshine and warm breezes.   And we are firm believers in the idea “positive thoughts create positive outcomes…”  But with that being said, there is the reality of sweet mother nature and sometimes she can be a bit feisty.  So, when planning the outdoor, beach wedding of your dreams try to stay true to who you are when it comes to the possibility of in climate weather.  If you are truly a couple that will embrace the weather no matter if it’s sunshine or rain then feel free to throw away any back-up plan.  And what we mean by EMBRACE is that if there is rain you are the type to grab a big umbrella and dance around like Fred Astaire. If not, it is always best to have a back-up plan such as a tent or perhaps an enclosed area that your venue has to offer.  It’s always best to know who you are as a person and plan ahead no matter what because in the end, no matter what your personality you want to feel completely at ease on such a special day.




Tip 9:  Pick a professional DJ / Band / MC…

We know that weddings can be expensive and there are always some things that you would like to cut back on – we are here to say that a DJ / MC / Band should not be one of those things.  If you are having a very small, intimate wedding and you are not really in need of a DJ that is completely understood.  But if you are having a beach wedding that requires all of the customary introductions, dances and announcements you will want to have a skilled DJ or Band that is experienced and will be able to create a relaxed and easy flow for your evening.  Someone that can let your guests know what is happening, when and how and someone that can be there to really create a fun atmosphere and show your guests (and you two) a great time.  Trust us – find a DJ or Band that you love and works well with your personalities and your style and you will not be disappointed.




Tip 10:  Work with a local Coordinator…

Just as we suggested with a DJ/MC we say the same when it comes to a Wedding Coordinator.  Having a Wedding Coordinator who is experienced and familiar with the area where you will be getting married can be a priceless addition to your Wedding Day.  Whether it is a Day-Of Coordinator or someone that you work with from day one until the end of your wedding day the knowledge and seamless management that a coordinator provides can’t be matched.  A good coordinator will be there to be sure all of your plans go off without a hitch and they can make split second decisions the day of so that you can just enjoy every moment.  Again, search and find someone that you work really well with and that matches your style and personality – it will be worth every penny.


10 Tips_Married_in_Florida_Sarasota_Wedding_0008


Just an overall tip to end with…

No matter whether you’re having your wedding on the beach, in a backyard, at a fancy hotel or in a tree house in the sky (that would be awesome) just enjoy it.  Plan for you as a couple and no one else and above all, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Congratulations!